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StoreJet Cloud App

Transcend's StoreJet Cloud app is designed specifically to work with StoreJet Cloud models. Featuring quick setup via a mobile device, the app allows universal access to the StoreJet Cloud device and a user-friendly file management system. In addition, the StoreJet Cloud app provides auto-sorting and various display views, making searching for files a snap.

StoreJet Cloud Device

Shows all the files and folders stored on the StoreJet Cloud device. You can upload, download, and share files via mobile devices.


Files will be automatically sorted into photos, music, and videos. You can switch between grid view and list view, as well as View by Folder, View by Date, and View by Album.


Shows all the files downloaded to the mobile device.


Displays a list of files recently opened or played.


Shows file transfer progress when auto-backup is enabled, as well as when downloading, uploading, copying, moving, and deleting files to/from the StoreJet Cloud device.
Note: The auto-backup function will use a mobile Internet connection to backup files to the StoreJet Cloud device.

Share Link

Select the file that you want to share and the platform you want to share on. The app will generate a unique download link.

System Info

Shows device information, hard drive status, firmware version, and sleep schedule.

Other Functions

Supports live streaming to AirPlay/Chromecast. You can also access StoreJet Cloud via the iOS Files app.


Includes storage used, auto-backup, reserved cache memory, and system information.

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